Last update: June 5, 2024

Here's what we're working on

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We want to let users assign a dollar value to conversions so they can track how much money is made through their conversions or an estimate of how much money is made for their clients.

Currently you have to scroll sideways to see all the data when looking at the Visitors Stream on Mobile. 

We want to make it more like a normal app and see everything in one view without scrolling sideways.

Currently you can perform a quick search, but more advanced filtering (with multiple filters able to be applied) in the Visitor Stream would be helpful.

Add Pagination:

On the dashboard, we want to give you the ability to view more than just your top 5 pages/sources, so we’d like to introduce pagination on those two modules.

Add last 24 hours as a duration option:

Add a 24 hour view which will show hour-by-hour visitors on the graph for you.

A daily or weekly email report that gives you your important numbers directly in your inbox without needing to log in.

On the conversion analytics page, we want to include a breakdown of conversions based on source and device so you know what types of users are converting the most. 

Pull detailed reports about specific pages or specific conversions

Watch back a video of the session as a recording and see heatmaps of pages

We’re making a variety of database optimizations over the next month to ensure reliability for the future of Visitor Tracking.

To be fully GDPR compliant we need to add an option for EU users to store data on EU servers. 

When adding new users to the software, you can give them permissions to only view data for certain websites rather than all the websites in your account.

We are redesigning the customer journey page to give more detailed profile about the customer and also full visibility of the visitors page for that specific user.

We added the ability to see how far each user scrolled of each page from the Visitor Stream. 

Just click on the pages that a user visited and you’ll see the scroll depth for each page!

You can now change the columns you see in the Visitor Stream to show more data or keep it simple, just the way you like it! This way, you only see the info that’s important to you. 

You can now set your own custom dates in the dashboard to look at analytics in a custom time-frame! It will automatically compare it to the previous period too! 

You can block your own IP or other IP’s from the top right menu area.

Unless a visitor turns into a customer or lead, you have no idea who they are. Not anymore! With Visitor Tracking, you can identify what organizations and businesses are visiting your site!

Now, you can track any event you want (i.e. a button click or form submission) as a conversion rather than only tracking pageviews & funnels.

We’ve implemented some database optimization that speeds up the loading of all pages by roughly 250%

See exactly how your conversion rate is changing over time without needing to do any extra work. Make changes or run a sale to immediately see how your conversion rate is affected! 

Waiting is annoying so we took some time to improve the loading time for the dashboard by 150%.  

Easily identify new conversions from the visitors tab with conversion tags!