Coming Soon

Identify anonymous site visitors

Unless a visitor turns into a customer or lead, you have no idea who they are. Not anymore! With Visitor Tracking, you’ll soon be able to identify anonymous website traffic and see which businesses are visiting your site!

Blocking bot traffic better

We already do some active bot traffic blocking, but we can do more to prevent you from seeing bot traffic and prevent it from counting towards your monthly pageviews.

Block your own IP (or any IP)

Ideally your own sessions don’t show up on your visitor stream, which is why we’ll create a way to block your own IP.

Customer journey page redesign

We want to redesign the customer journey page to give you more info about each customer and more details about their entire journey.

Session playback

Watch back a video of the session as a recording

Better conversion analytics

We want to give better breakdowns of conversions based on source/device/etc.


Pull detailed reports about specific pages or specific conversions

Recently Shipped

Event-based conversion tracking

Now, you can track any event you want (i.e. a button click or form submission) as a conversion rather than only tracking pageviews & funnels.

Speed up all pages

We’ve implemented some database optimization that speeds up the loading of all pages by roughly 250%

Conversion rate tracking over time

See exactly how your conversion rate is changing over time without needing to do any extra work. Make changes or run a sale to immediately see how your conversion rate is affected!

Improved dashboard loading time

Waiting is annoying so we took some time to improve the loading time for the dashboard by 150%. 

Conversion tags in the Visitors tab

Easily identify new conversions from the visitors tab with conversion tags!