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Greg Rosh
Greg Rosh
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I open Visitor Tracking 5x+ a day

I can't live without Visitor Tracking. I open it up multiple times a day to see what's happening on my sites.
Manfred B.
Manfred B.
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Simple setup and reliable tracking

Using Visitor Tracking for a few days now and am very satisfied. Simple setup and reliable tracking.
George Mateo
George Mateo
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Incredibly useful for SEO

I can immediately see when pages are starting to get traffic from Google for my 3 separate websites.
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Funnel Tracking

Track each step of your funnels and see where visitors are falling off.


Our Funnel Tracking Software was born out of a necessity—a necessity to not just chart customer journeys but to understand them, optimize them, and turn them into successful conversions. Here, we delve into why we built this feature and how it stands apart from the conventional funnel analytics tools, answering the crucial questions that guide your buying decisions.

Also if you have multiple funnels across different websites, you can track unlimited websites on any plan with our website portfolio tracking feature! 

The Genesis of Our Funnel Tracking Software

Bridging the Gap Between Traffic and Conversion

The inspiration for our Funnel Tracking Software was simple yet profound: to illuminate the path from visitor to customer. Traditional analytics tools excel at measuring traffic but fall short in deciphering the intricate dance of conversion. We saw businesses struggling to connect the dots, to translate their website visits into tangible outcomes. Our software is designed to make those connections clear, providing a coherent narrative of the visitor’s journey through your funnel.

Decoding the Customer Journey

Generic tools provide snapshots, isolated moments in time. But the customer journey is a continuum, a sequence of interactions and decisions. Our tool is crafted to capture this continuum, offering a dynamic view of how each touchpoint leads to the next. This insight allows businesses to craft experiences that resonate, guiding visitors naturally from awareness to action.

Distinctive Features That Set Us Apart

Granular Funnel Analysis

Our Funnel Tracking Software doesn’t just show you the start and end of the journey; it reveals every twist and turn along the way. With granular analysis, you can see where visitors hesitate, loop back, or exit. This level of detail is invaluable for diagnosing issues within your funnel and pinpointing opportunities for optimization.

Custom Funnel Stages

We understand that no two businesses are alike, and neither are their funnels. Our software offers the flexibility to define and customize funnel stages according to your unique business model and objectives. This customization ensures that the insights you gather are not just relevant but precisely tailored to your strategic needs.

Real-Time Funnel Adjustments

In the dynamic world of digital marketing, agility is key. Our software provides real-time data, allowing you to make adjustments to your funnel on the fly. This capability ensures that your strategies are always aligned with current trends and customer behaviors, maximizing your chances of conversion success.

Predictive Analytics and AI-Driven Insights

Beyond tracking, our software employs advanced predictive analytics and AI to forecast future funnel performance and suggest actionable improvements. These forward-looking insights enable you to not just react to current data but to anticipate and prepare for future trends.

Integration and Collaboration

Our Funnel Tracking Software is built to integrate seamlessly with your existing marketing stack, enhancing collaboration across tools and teams. This integration ensures that funnel insights are accessible and actionable across your organization, breaking down silos and fostering a unified approach to optimization.

Committed to Privacy and Compliance

In an era where data privacy is paramount, our software is designed with privacy at its core. We adhere to the strictest privacy standards and regulations, ensuring that your tracking practices are not only effective but also ethical and compliant.

Your Pathway to Conversion Clarity

Our Funnel Tracking Software is more than a tool—it’s a lens through which the complexities of the customer journey become clear. It’s built on the premise that understanding your funnel in depth is the key to unlocking its potential. By providing detailed insights, real-time adaptability, and a focus on privacy and customization, we’ve created a platform that transcends traditional funnel analysis.

We developed this software because we believe in the power of informed decision-making. In the intricate dance of digital marketing, every step matters. Our Funnel Tracking Software ensures that you not only see each step but also understand its impact, guiding your visitors from their initial click to the final conversion.

If you’re ready to transform your funnel from a series of steps into a streamlined pathway to success, our Funnel Tracking Software awaits. Dive deep into your funnel’s performance, uncover hidden opportunities, and pave a clearer, more effective path to conversion with us.


Three reasons users love Visitor Tracking

1. visitor tracking tracks sources

Track Sources

Our customers love being able to see if their web visitors are coming from Google, Social Media, or elsewhere!

2. visitor tracking boosts conversions

Boost Conversions

It's easy to see exactly where users get lost in your funnel. When you can identify that, you can dramatically boost conversions.

3. visitor tracking helps you see Long-Term Growth

Long-Term Growth

With Visitor Tracking, it's easy to see how your website is growing over time and track how certain campaigns have boosted traffic!