How to add Visitor Tracking code snippet to your website

Curran Van Waarde
Curran Van Waarde

Founder of Visitor Tracking


Adding the code snippet to your website only takes 30 seconds!

Still not sure? Send this page to your developer and ask them to put your code snippet in your website!

NOTE: it may take 2-5 minutes after saving for VisitorTracking to start tracking new visitors so please stay on your site for a minute or two and click around a bit to ensure it is working!

How to add it on Shopify

If you go to your themes and click on theme.liquid

You will add your snippet by pasting it on the line directly above the tag.

Here’s a screenshot of where you’d put it:


Three reasons users love Visitor Tracking

1. visitor tracking tracks sources

Track Sources

Our customers love being able to see if their web visitors are coming from Google, Social Media, or elsewhere!

2. visitor tracking boosts conversions

Boost Conversions

It's easy to see exactly where users get lost in your funnel. When you can identify that, you can dramatically boost conversions.

3. visitor tracking helps you see Long-Term Growth

Long-Term Growth

With Visitor Tracking, it's easy to see how your website is growing over time and track how certain campaigns have boosted traffic!

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