Visitor Tracking Affiliate Program

Earn 20% on all referred customers!

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Frequently asked questions

Why should I refer Visitor Tracking to my audience?

Visitor Tracking is an extremely flexible and powerful tool that any company with a website can benefit from. (This is partly the reason why we created it).

The market for Visitor Tracking is massive. As an affiliate, you'll have the opportunity to capture more customers compared to promoting a more niche tool.

As for the benefits to the customers... well you can check our home page to see how it would benefit them, but our goal is to help businesses turn more website visitors into customers. Tracking conversion rates is a crucial first step in improving them. Visitor Tracking makes this easy, providing crucial insights to improve these rates effectively.

Can I create ads for brand related terms?

No this is strictly prohibited & you will be banned from the affiliate program if you do it.

You should not use your affiliate link in any "Visitor Tracking" brand campaigns on search engine advertising platforms like Google and Bing ads, or other similar advertisement channels that clash with Visitor Tracking's brand advertising and confuse potential customers. You are free to target generic and non brand related keywords though.

How long do affiliate commissions last?

For life! When you refer a customer to Visitor Tracking, you'll get paid 20% of all of their payments as long as they are a customer.

How long after a conversion do I have to wait to get paid?

You're granted your commission 30 days after a customer has paid.

How long after I send a click to your site does it last?

The referral will be good for 60 days after you send a someone to the Visitor Tracking website.