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A short manifesto...

What is Visitor Tracking and why was it created?

Here’s the deal.

Before starting Visitor Tracking, I was straight-up, 100% guessing when I would make changes to my website.

I had no idea if my updates were increasing conversion rates and I operated 100% off of a hunch when making changes to my site.

I’d like to believe most of my hunches were right, but I actually have no idea and there is zero data to know.

Sound familiar?

…and it wasn’t that I didn’t know how to track conversions.

It was more-so that I was too lazy to actually set up tests and every time I tried, it felt way too complicated.

I needed something simple. 

And I actually found a tool that sort of did the job. 

Used it for a few years but ultimately I grew out of it.

The tool was cool. It had a lot of bells and whistles and honestly looked nice but it wasn’t great from a UX standpoint. 

PLUS, I was still using another 3 tools to do one core job: track website visitors.

After enough fuss, we decided to build our own version:

  • Something MEGA simple to set up.
  • Something that passively tracked conversions (set up once in 5 minutes & it tracks everything forever)
  • An all-in-one tool so I didn’t have to tape together 3 different tools to see how visitors interacted with our site.

And thus, Visitor Tracking was built. 

We built it to unlock visibility & boost conversions in our business.

And now, we’re passing the key to you.

Get into the shoes of your visitors, understand their journey, and allow Visitor Tracking to help you make better, data-driven decisions.

Benefits & Features

What are the benefits of having Visitor Tracking on my website?

Monitor website traffic

Monitor web traffic & visitor behavior

With our easy-to-use tracking tool, you'll see a stream of all the potential customers that have visited your site, which pages they navigated, if they converted, and even how they found your site in the first place.

With Visitor Tracking, you get both global analytics along with granular data on each visitor.

Whether you want to know how visitors navigate, what content they engage with, or what triggers them to convert, Visitor Tracking has you covered.

conversion tracking

A/B test & increase conversions

With conversion tracking, you can see exactly what percentage your visitors are converting on your website.

If you make website updates, you can use Visitor Tracking to see in real time if your updates improved conversions or not.

Setting up conversion tracking is as simple as pasting a URL that you want to track (for example, you could paste in your thank you page to track how many people are landing on that page).


Learn how visitors find your business

With source tracking, you can easily see the website that visitors came from before visiting your site.

Whether you're ranking high on search engines, running ads on Facebook, or getting traffic from any other unknown source, Visitor Tracking will let you know where each person came from so you have full visibility.

With source tracking, you see exactly how visitors were referred to you and which page they landed on first to start their online journey with you.

Customer journeys

See the entire journey of a customer

With our comprehensive customer journey tracking feature, you're not just seeing the finish line - you're seeing the whole race.

Explore the origins of your customers. Trace the steps of your visitors from the moment they first discover your site to every subsequent visit.

Discover the patterns, optimize your offerings, and build stronger customer relationships with our in-depth user journey tracking feature.

website portfolio dashboard

See everything in one view

Have multiple websites? See how all of them are doing in one view. View 7 day, 30 day, and 90 day trends to see exactly how your website is growing.

Our portfolio dashboard allows you to view ALL of your websites all within the same view, saving you tons of time clicking around to check each site individually.

Without Visitor Tracking, you're flying blind.

Built on a solid foundation

Visitor Tracking was built with these six core foundational principles

Super lightweight

We don't want our tool slowing down your website. Our tracking code is extremely lightweight.

Incredibly intuitive

We focus on keeping everything in our app intuitive and easy to use. Something your grandma could use.

Infinitely Scalable

We can handle tens of billions of pageviews a month with no issues or downtime.

Always accurate

What good is tracking if it isn't accurate? We aim for 99.95% accuracy in tracking traffic data.

Actually helpful

We want to present data that is actually helpful for you & your business, not just vanity metrics.

Sleek design

Like it or not, we're design snobs. We make the tool look beautiful so you love looking at it.

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