Website Visitor Tracking

Track unlimited websites on all plans! 🎉

See exactly what every visitor does on your site.

Convert more visitors into customers by strategically tracking site visits, conversions, and funnels.

Greg Rosh
Greg Rosh
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I open Visitor Tracking 5x+ a day

I check it multiple times a day to see what's happening on my sites. Great software to see how & when you get conversions.
Manfred B.
Manfred B.
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Simple setup and reliable tracking

Using Visitor Tracking for a few days now and am very satisfied. Simple setup and reliable tracking.
George Mateo
George Mateo
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Incredibly useful for SEO

I can immediately see when pages are starting to get traffic from Google for my 3 separate websites.

Everything happening in your business, all in one view.

Visitor Stream

See every interaction people are having with your business & exactly what they're doing while looking at your sites.

Track & boost conversions, without A/B testing.

Conversion Tracking

Track conversions and measure how your conversion rate changes over time.

Scale infinitely and track unlimited websites.

Website Portfolio

Add unlimited sites & see how all of them are doing in one simple view.

Built on a solid foundation

Visitor Tracking was built with these six core foundational principles

Super lightweight

We don't want our tool slowing down your website. Our tracking code is extremely lightweight.

Incredibly intuitive

We focus on keeping everything in our app intuitive and easy to use. Something your grandma could use.

Infinitely Scalable

We can handle tens of billions of pageviews a month with no issues or downtime.

Always accurate

What good is tracking if it isn't accurate? We aim for 99.95% accuracy in tracking traffic data.

Actually helpful

We want to present data that is actually helpful for you & your business, not just vanity metrics.

Sleek design

Like it or not, we're design snobs. We make the tool look beautiful so you love looking at it.


Frequently asked questions

What is website visitor tracking and how does it work?

Visitor Tracking allows you to monitor and analyze the behavior of people visiting your website. It captures data like their location, landing pages, pages viewed, time spent on site, traffic sources, device used, and more.

This insight helps optimize your website and marketing efforts. Website visitor tracking can help improve your conversion rate and turn more unique visitors into real customers.

Web visitor tracking provides valuable data on your website traffic and user behavior. This allows you to understand how visitors engage with your site, identify drop-off points in the conversion funnel, see which marketing channels are driving traffic, and make data-driven improvements.

The visitor tracking metrics that get recorded include page views, unique visitors, session duration, bounce rate, traffic sources/channels, location data, browser/device data, and conversion events like form fills, sales, etc. On our roadmap is also recordings of visitor sessions and heatmaps.

No personal data is collected in this process which helps Visitor Tracking comply with privacy regulations like GDPR and CCPA.

Yes, Visitor Tracking will track website visitors and website traffic so you can use your website as a way to get more sales leads. 

It will not give you the exact names of the visitors coming to your site, but we do try to get the business name of businesses which is listed under the "Organization" column in the Visitors tab.

Is this a website visitor tracking tool?

Yes, website visitor tracking software will give you information on every visitor who comes to visit your website. It is an all-in-one web analytics tool that will help with visitor identification and website analytics.

Yes, as a website owner, you can track visitor behavior throughout your site and see every traffic source. This can be helpful for your sales and marketing teams to see who is converting on your site and track users throughout your product or service website.

Most visitor tracking software assigns a unique ID to each visitor by placing a first-party cookie in their browser when they land on your site. More advanced tools can also identify company visitor info through IP and reverse IP lookups.

The main types are traditional web analytics tools like Google Analytics, session recording/heatmap tools, IP tracking/identification solutions, conversion & funnel analytics tools, and all-in-one visitor tracking platforms that combine multiple capabilities.