Website Visitor Tracking Software

Uncover the journey behind every click.

Don't just guess, know. Understand how users interact with your website.

"Why was Visitor Tracking created?"

In the digital world, every click matters.

Each page view, each scroll, each interaction holds a story – a story that can propel your business forward if understood correctly.

But as a website owner, have you ever found yourself questioning… 

  • “Who are my visitors? 
  • “What are they doing on my site?”
  • “How can I make their experience better?”

It often feels like you’re navigating your online presence in the dark.

That’s exactly why we created Visitor Tracking.

Think of it this way – if you ran a brick-and-mortar store, a lot of your success hinges on observing and understanding your customers… 

Watching as they explore aisles, noticing which items capture their attention, even seeing the expressions on their faces, all these details are priceless. 

They inform you about your customers’ needs and desires, guiding you to refine your business strategy.

But what about your digital store, your website? Without the right tools, it’s like running your business blindfolded.

Visitor Tracking removes this blindfold.

Our tool was born out of a pressing need – to bring the detailed, individualized understanding of customer behavior to the digital world. 

While many analytics tools like Google Analytics provide valuable aggregate data, they often don’t delve deep enough. 

(and often difficult to set up to track conversions)

They fall short of offering more in-depth insights – the kind that paints a complete picture of each visitor’s journey.

Visitor Tracking dives beneath the surface.

It tracks every nuance of a visitor’s journey on your website – how they arrived, which pages they visited, how long they stayed, where they clicked. 

All while staying within privacy laws and being extremely simple to set up. 

With this data, you bridge the gap that aggregate data alone can’t cross.

We built Visitor Tracking out of frustration of having to tape together multiple tools to get any meaningful data about our online business.

Now, it’s your turn to unlock visibility in your business.

Get into the shoes of your visitors, understand their journey, and allow Visitor Tracking to help you make better, data-driven decisions.

Our core foundation

Here are the six foundational principles upon which we built Visitor Tracking.

Super lightweight

We don't want our tool slowing down your website. Our code is extremely lightweight.

Incredibly intuitive

We focus on keeping everything in our app intuitive and easy to use. Something your grandma could use.

Infinitely Scalable

We can handle tens of billions of pageviews a month with no issues or downtime.

Always accurate

What good is tracking if it isn't accurate? We aim for 99.95% accuracy in tracking traffic data.

Actually helpful

We want to present data that is actually helpful for you & your business, not just vanity metrics.

Sleek design

Like it or not, we're design snobs. We make the tool look beautiful so you love looking at it.

Benefits & Features

What are the benefits of having Visitor Tracking on my website?

Monitor Visitor Behavior

See how you're acquiring users

With our easy-to-use tracking tools, you can monitor individual visitor behavior, track website performance, and identify areas for improvement.

Whether you want to know how visitors navigate your site, what content they engage with, or what triggers them to convert, Visitor Tracking has you covered.

Brick & mortar stores can see exactly who's coming into their store. You should be able to do the exact same thing with your website.

website portfolio dashboard

See everything in one view

See how your website are all doing in one view. View 7 day, 30 day, and 90 day trends to see exactly how your website is growing.

Our portfolio dashboard allows you to view ALL of your websites all within the same view, saving you tons of time clicking around to check each site individually.

Without Visitor Tracking, you're flying blind.


Increase conversions

By monitoring visitor behavior and gaining insights into your audience, you can optimize your website to increase conversions.

From A/B testing to personalized recommendations, Visitor Tracking gives you the tools you need to improve your online marketing strategy and drive more revenue.